Group Coaching Program

group coaching

Awareness Stages

This is an 8 week group coaching course where you will learn what success is to you and how to develop your best path to success. when you become aware of your values and the values of others you can provide the solutions needed to any situation. you can have better relationships, a successful business, more money, a healthier love life, be the leader that you are and obtain your dreams and desires.

The Group Coaching Program is designed to increase your awareness of yourself and your values so you can have a mindset and habits that work with you. When you start living a life that is in alignment with you, you can start having success in your life.  

Effective leadership is built around being able to inspire others to live their best life. When you know someone’s values you can quickly identify their wants and needs and communicate with them in a way that inspires them.


  • Discover your core values so you can create a lifestyle that is congruent with who you are so you can have a happy, healthy, successful life.
  • Learn how to communicate with others from where they are to build great personal and business relationships
  • Know what someone else values are so you can sell them what they want. 
  • Understand which habits you need and the ones to let go of so you can consistently motivate yourself to reach your goals. 
  • Be able to recognize which environments are going to allow you to grow so you can have your best chance of success.

How Can Group Coaching Benefit You


Through group coaching, you will benefit from having different perspectives on the same subject. Most of our miscommunications and disagreements come from having different perspectives. When you can access someone else’s perspective it will allow you to be able to lead them to success.

You will be able to learn from someone else’s experiences through our group coaching program. When they share what has helped them succeed and what has caused them failure you will be able to decide what works best for you. When you are able to implement success strategies into your life without having to go through the experience for yourself it shortens your learning curve for your success. 

You have built-in accountability with the people you are working with. When going through this group coaching process there will be times when you have a partner and by having a partner it keeps you engaged in the work.

What You Can Expect


You can expect to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what makes you tick. When you understand your values you will be able to build a life that works with you. When you start having a life that is congruent with who you are you will start to experience a happier, healthier, more successful life.

You will learn how to build upon your strengths and not fall into your weaknesses. You will learn how our brains work and how they have been programmed throughout our entire lives. When you understand how this programming has built some of these strengths and weaknesses you can program it to build upon the strengths. 

You will be in an environment of like-minded driven individuals. We all can be helped or harmed by our environment and by surrounding ourselves with others who are cultivating the leader within will help you reach your full potential.

You'll Leave This Course Knowing


This group coaching program will teach you how to have a mindset and habits that work for you and your values. You will be able to recognize when your mind is working against you and how to shift those thought patterns. Why creating habits that work with your natural flow of motivations is so important. 

How to effectively communicate with anyone. By being able to recognize and communicate other people’s values allows you to build better relationships. When you can communicate with anyone it gives you access to have a massive impact on others. 

Be a more effective leader. When you learn how to lead yourself, listen and communicate to others’ needs it will allow you to impact anyone. To be an effective leader it takes someone willing to look at someone’s perspective of success and help them reach that goal which will, in turn, allow you to reach success as well.

Coaching That Empowers, Uplifts, & Inspires!

Are you an empathic, sensitive, empathic person who feels discouraged by life’s natural ups & downs? Are you ready to take your life to the next level in order to start enjoying it, no matter what? Could you or your company benefit from motivational group coaching to help you break through old patterns and behaviors? Starting fresh is only a few clicks away.

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