Internal Dialogue

Internal Dialogue

What is Internal Dialogue? 

Internal Dialogue is the voice in our head that says I can do that, or I’m not capable of that. You talk with yourself thousands of times each day and sometimes you aren’t even aware of it. This voice influences a lot in your life sometimes for the positive and other times for the negative. When you are having a negative thought about something or someone it makes it harder to achieve success or create happiness in that area. 

Positive self talk

Start listening to yourself and the things you are positive about. Once you recognize these positive thoughts, start building upon them. These are the foundations you can build upon and create a strong base for yourself. If you think you are a nice person, point that out to yourself in areas of your life where you have been nice and it will reinforce these thoughts and open up. The possibility of creating new positive thoughts.

Negative thoughts?

Recognize where you are having struggles in your life. Then ask yourself what do I think about this? More than likely you are struggling because you have some negative thought process going on. When you realize what your negative thought is, all you need to do is move it to one step towards a neutral or positive thought. Have you ever heard the saying money doesn’t grow on trees? If you have, you may have thoughts about lack of money, or it’s hard to get.If you can just take one step and say I’m learning how to have more money. After you have successfully changed that thought pattern, you can take another step like money is becoming easier to obtain. Just take it one step at a time and start creating new thoughts for yourself. 

Awareness Of your thoughts.

Awareness of your thoughts is the most important because the moment you take the time to listen to your thoughts is the moment you start to change your life. When you become aware of your positive and negative thoughts, you can decide which to grow in which to change. Have you ever heard of the Native American proverb about two wolves? It goes like this. A grandfather is teaching his grandson about life and he says a fight is going on inside of him. It’s a terrible fight and it’s a fight between two wolves. One is evil and the other is good and the same fight is going on inside of every person. Does the grandson ask which Wolf will win? The grandfather replies The one you feed. What thoughts are you going to feed?