5 Steps to lead you to completing your goals

5 Steps To Lead You To Completing Your Goals

  1. What is your why? Getting very clear with yourself on why you want to achieve your goal will allow you to focus on the importance of completing your goal. Write your why down or hang up a picture of it somewhere. You will see it every day to keep you motivated. When you focus on your why, it increases your burning desire to complete that goal And will keep you motivated when times get tough.
  1. Get clear on your thoughts around this goal. Do you believe you can achieve it? Is your internal dialogue benefitting you or hurting you in reaching this goal? If it’s beneficial, keep creating stronger thoughts about yourself completing this goal. If it’s hurting you, make a conscious effort to change your thoughts and create a belief in yourself. By creating strong positive thoughts about yourself and your goals, you make it easier to achieve your goals. It’s like having a cheerleader on your side. 
  1. What habits do you have in place to make achieving your goals easier? Create habits that empower you to make good decisions around your goals. Let’s say my goal is to run 10 miles. I need to set things in place so that I run every morning. I can put my running clothes out before I go to bed so that as soon as I wake up everything is there for me to get right after it. Create habits that set you up for success. Ask yourself what habits can I put in place To achieve my goals easier.
  1. What does your environment look like? Are people in your life encouraging you to reach your goals, or are they holding you back? Surround yourself with like minded people who are on the same path as you are. When you surround yourself with people who want the same thing it makes it easier to stay on track and reach your destination.You can join networking groups,online support groups, or get a coach. Look to surround yourself with people who already have what you want or on their way to getting what you want. You are who you surround yourself with and you deserve to surround yourself with people who let you grow.
  1. Make a plan.When you break your goals down into steps, you can track your success and make your goals easier to obtain. If I wanted to drive from Saint Louis to San Diego, I would get on Google Maps and get directions, not just jump in my truck and start driving and hope I get there. Look at your goals and see if it’s a SMART goal. A SMART goal is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Create action steps in milestones within your goal so you can keep yourself on track. When reaching these milestones, celebrate them. It will reinforce the positive thought process and make your journey more enjoyable.